AAC PayPal Donation Page
AAC PayPal Donation Page

How To Adopt A Chaplain

Both individuals and groups can adopt chaplains in a number of ways. Groups should fill out our adoption request form.

Financial Adoption

As an individual, you can adopt a chaplain by providing the financial support necessary to supply care packages.

You can adopt a chaplain at a number of levels:

For a gift of $30 you can adopt a chaplain with a box

For a gift of $300 (10 boxes) you can adopt a chaplain for a month.

For a gift of $360 (12 boxes) you can send one box per month and adopt a chaplain for an entire tour of duty

For a gift of $3000 (100 boxes) you can adopt a chaplain for an entire tour of duty. Gifts in any amounts are, of course, greatly appreciated. All contributions are completely tax-deductible and a receipt will be mailed back to you for your gift.

Please make checks payable to Adopt-a-Chaplain, 222 Forrester Rd. Los Gatos, CA 95032

*We are thankful to announce that gifts made payable to “Cornerstone Life Foundation” referencing Adopt-A-Chaplain on the memo line may now qualify for corporate matching gifts.

Adopt-a-Chaplain is completely volunteer-run. 100% of all contributions are used to purchase care packages, mail supplies and postage.

Adopt-a-Chaplain uses USPS flat rate boxes whenever possible. This saves an average of 75% over standard mailing rates. Care package contents not donated are purchased in bulk.

Prayer Adoption

A less formal but no less significant way to adopt a chaplain is to offer prayer and personal encouragement. Go to the prayer blog page, find a story that touches your heart, and leave the chaplain a note of encouragement. Then pray for him or her. Nothing more is necessary for your personal adoption to be complete.
Adoption By Groups or Churches

If your group wishes to adopt and actively support a chaplain, please e-mail Daniel for more information or fill out our adoption request form.
Items For Care Packages

If you have items to donate, we currently have drop off sites in Sacramento and San José, California. For security and confidentiality reasons, all care packages for the chaplains are assembled and mailed from our San José location.

Important note: We are frequently asked whether individuals can send their own boxes. Our first concern is the safety and confidentiality of the chaplains. In addition, we carefully match the packages to the needs as the chaplains have identified them to us. Therefore, although we would be happy to include a personal note from you in the packages, we ask that any items you wish to send be directed to us for packing and shipping.

Other Support

Due to a generous gift from Mark Cahill, new chaplains are sent complimentary supplies of Mark's books, One Heartbeat Away and One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven, for free distribution to soldiers who desire them. Visit Mark's Web site to learn more about his extraordinary ministry.

Adopt-a-Chaplain is in regular e-mail contact with each chaplain. If you wish to send personal notes of encouragement to them, we would be most pleased to forward them. For the safety of our chaplains, we do not supply personal information about our chaplains without their express permission.

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