AAC PayPal Donation Page
AAC PayPal Donation Page

Care Packages

The chaplains have given us a "shopping list" of most frequently requested items.


Energy bars and power bars
Beef Jerky (big request)
Crystal Light and powder mixes
Individually wrapped candies


Hotel-size toiletries
Chapstick and sunscreen
Feminine products
Shoe insoles and GoldBond powder


Music CDs of all varieties
DVD movies (comedies and recent releases)
X-Box and Playstation cartridges


Misters (anything to cut the heat!)
Air fresheners (no aerosol)
Beany Babies and small stuffed animals
School supplies for local children

Note: Due to the extreme heat, chocolate is not mailed during the summer months. Pork products, alcohol, pornographic materials and aerosol cans cannot be sent.