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What The Chaplains Say

Lee Ann Stamper (proud wife of Chaplain Carl Stamp   04-10-2009[ Your comment ]

"I just wanted to personally thank everyone involved for their ministry to the Chaplain Corps. I can't tell you how humbling it is to comprehend that someone who doesn't even know these men would give of themselves to commit to truly loving them. Naturally, I have an interest in this ministry, since my husband is involved, but what a testimony you and all that give of your time, is to me and others. I'm sure knowing that a burden is laid upon the hearts of many to send a little love to these men and women in harms way. Never have I wished to be able to articulate in words how grateful I am that you have blessed these men and women and put smiles upon their faces by giving of yourself in this manner. Thank you a million times for your ministry to the Lord. May He continue to bless you, as you as you continue to bless others."

Chaplain Hernandez   04-10-2009[ Your comment ]

"I want to thank you for everything you have done for us and the soldiers over here. Certainly, your assistance and support have been one of the highlights of this deployment. I am blessed just by knowing that there are wonderful loving people who are praying and actively ministering to our soldiers as you all have done this year. You make me very proud of our country and our faith. May God's love continue to abide upon you each day. I imagine that for many chaplains (including myself), you have become a life-line of true blessing."

Chaplain Kari   04-10-2009[ Your comment ]

???My chaplain assistant will unpack the microwave in the morning and set it up for the soldiers. The mugs are great! Yup! We will definitely recognize one of those if they walk off. I was working on my sermon around midnight last night down at the building where my chaplain's office is located and home of the coffee pot and new microwave. I was talking to the soldier on guard duty in the building as he made himself a pot of coffee for the long night and he commented how much the soldiers appreciate the snacks and coffee. It really raises their morale, he said. Cool!??

Chaplain Mahalic   04-10-2009[ Your comment ]

???I have been out and about for the past two weeks or so -- can't say where -- but when I returned it was like Christmas morning. There were so many boxes filled with such wonderful things I couldn't believe it. I have about twenty of our soldiers helping me open the boxes and you would not believe the pleasure it brought to all of us. Not only were we appreciative for the things inside, but just the idea that we were remembered in such a special way was extremely appreciated. Please thank everyone for the wonderful practical things that they sent such as soaps and toothpaste, etc., and also for the not-so-practical things -- but the things we really had fun with like stuffed animals, a beach ball, a basketball net and ball and little games like that. There was also some kind of gun that shot marshmallows ??? well, someone ate all the marshmallows -- so -- we still had fun with it. Thanks again. You people really are a blessing to all of us.??

Steve Timm   04-10-2009[ Your comment ]

???In my last couple weeks of visits, my assistant and I have made it a talking point to ask soldiers what they'd like to see at the Adopt-a-Chaplain store. That's right -- you guys have your own store here at Camp TQ, right in the entrance to my office. We've been receiving so many packages lately that we had to build extra shelves for our entry into the high-volume world of free retail (free-tail?).??

Chaplain Maschhoff   04-10-2009[ Your comment ]

"???I had to dig into the secret stash of ping pong balls again today. They won't last long. The soldiers have assured me that they are not eating them as I have suspected. ???They break easily, Ma'am.??? They like to spike them hard is the truth of the matter. It is a good pastime for the soldiers, but our ping pong balls are taking the brunt of their aggression. Could you send us a supply of ping pong balls? Thanks!??

Luis Pina   04-10-2009[ Your comment ]

"I found out about your ministry in military.com???s emails I receive and started browsing. It was good to know that people actually look after CHAPLAINS, since we mostly think about SOLDIERS.??

Chaplain Chavarria    04-10-2009[ Your comment ]

"Thanks for your support. I have the Commitment Statement from you on my desk, so I see it everyday. I really appreciate your support and prayers. Good things are happening these last 80 days since I returned from R&R Leave. It seems that something