AAC PayPal Donation Page
AAC PayPal Donation Page


America Supports You is a nationwide program launched by the Department of Defense to recognize citizens' support of our military men and women and to communicate that support to the members of our armed forces at home and abroad.

United We Serve is a faith-based organization whose mission is to adopt troops and their families during their entire deployment and to provide peace of mind to our soldiers with the knowledge that someone is there to care for and walk alongside their loved ones during this time of separation.

AGreaterFreedom.com is a faith-based military news site that reports the positive news stories often missed by mainstream media. They exist to inform, encourage and inspire those serving in the armed forces, their families, and local churches wishing to help church members currently going through deployment.

Operation: Care and Comfort, an all-volunteer program, exists to provide support and comfort to "adopted" units of deployed U.S. military service members serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and conflict regions. Working within the community and through donations received from all over the country, they assemble and ship care packages to adopted units every month until they return home. This unique program allows caring Americans to donate their time, talent, and treasure to honor those serving the country during difficult times.

Hills and Hollers Ministries works with the poorest of the poor in rural Kentucky. Their ministry is "Life Repair." Their main goal is to repair the relationship with God and the individual. They do this through drug, alcohol and spouse abuse counseling, and general benevolence. They maintain a large network of volunteers who come to Kentucky to do home repair.

Serviam Publishing was established in 2004 to publish The Treasure of Staying Connected for Military Couples. Janel Lange was moved to write the book in 2003, and felt an urgency to share it with military couples as quickly as possible. The name of the company, Serviam, has its roots in Janel's high school motto: Serviam, Latin for "I will serve."

The Inner Sanctuary, Inc. creates visual images, books and other printed materials that celebrate, heal and calm the soul. Their book, Dear Soldier - Heartfelt Letters from America's Children, is a wonderful read.

Military Connection offers online directories that feature vital information on military education and benefits, including the GI Bill, employment opportunities, the latest military job postings, pay charts and salary calculators.

List of some contributors to our services:

Operation Worship

Operation Happy Note

Holy Joe’s Café

Mark Cahill Ministries

Stardust Radio