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Chaplain Mahalic   04-10-2009
???I have been out and about for the past two weeks or so -- can't say where -- but when I returned it was like Christmas morning. There were so many boxes filled with such wonderful things I couldn't believe it. I have about twenty of our soldiers helping me open the boxes and you would not believe the pleasure it brought to all of us. Not only were we appreciative for the things inside, but just the idea that we were remembered in such a special way was extremely appreciated. Please thank everyone for the wonderful practical things that they sent such as soaps and toothpaste, etc., and also for the not-so-practical things -- but the things we really had fun with like stuffed animals, a beach ball, a basketball net and ball and little games like that. There was also some kind of gun that shot marshmallows ??? well, someone ate all the marshmallows -- so -- we still had fun with it. Thanks again. You people really are a blessing to all of us.??

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